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Allison Parkinson

I’m a writer.

I write for companies, organisations and charities and I also edit and proofread information for clients.

I’ve been a writer for all of my working life and I have experience in journalism, public relations, internal and external communications.

I write for a wide range of clients including multinationals, charities, organisations, companies, small businesses and individuals. But all of my work has one common theme – people.

I love to speak to people, find out about their lives and then turn their stories into clear, concise and engaging information that can be shared with and understood by everybody and anybody.

Good organisation is an essential part of my work, as is the ability to work well under pressure, meet strict deadlines and forge good working relationships with people at all levels and from all backgrounds.

I’m a children's author too.

I love to write and illustrate children’s stories – picture books and chapter books.

They can be about anything – talking tigers, magic carpets, favourite foods, over-enthusiastic genies and time-travelling ten-year-olds.

A lot of my stories celebrate diversity. I was inspired to start writing after my daughters (who are mixed race) complained about the lack of leading characters that look like them – especially in chapter books.

I live with my husband and daughters in Catford, South London and I am very proud to be a Governor at Sandhurst Primary School in Catford.

I was born in Jersey (a beautiful little island in the English Channel). This probably explains my life-long obsession with the sea – and my overwhelming compulsion to pick up every shell, pebble or piece of sea glass that I come across whenever I’m at the seaside!