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Zarif thinks that he is a very important and scary tiger but will a
cat-loving lady feel the same?

Find out what happens when the two meet.

I liked it when the tiger did this: ROARRRRRR.


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Why I wrote this book

Tigers are my favourite animals and I’ve always loved drawing them.

I thought it would be fun to imagine what it would be like to be a tiger and then write a story about how we see ourselves and how others may see us differently.

My other stories

I’ve written a load of other books too (picture books and chapter books) but I’m still drawing the pictures for some of them – or reading through others and making a few final tweaks with a red pen!

My stories can be about anything – magic carpets, favourite foods, mischievous babies, over-enthusiastic genies and time-travelling ten-year-olds.

A lot of them celebrate diversity because I think it is important that we should see ourselves when we’re reading a story or imagine ourselves at the centre of an adventure.

Why I started to write

I started to write children’s stories after my daughters (who are mixed race) complained about the lack of leading characters that looked like them – especially in chapter books.

So I created a girl, based on them, called Laurella Swift. Hopefully you’ll be able to meet her and read all about her adventures very soon!

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I love reading children’s books – new ones, old favourites and really old ones that I didn’t get round to reading when I was a child.

I like to make lists of ‘best books’ and then share them with other people so check out my regular blog reviews and see what you think to my story suggestions.