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Layla doesn’t like her Grandpa’s new clock. She thinks it’s creepy… but then she notices a teeny, tiny door. Find out what happens when she takes a closer look.

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Why I wrote Tick-Tock

Tick-Tock is dedicated to my Dad, Stuart Griffiths (aka ‘Grandpa’) who has always loved to tell stories – and have a good laugh!

When he was a little boy his mum and dad had an old grandfather clock. Every night they made sure that the clock’s large, stiff wooden door was firmly shut but each morning they would find the door wide open, as if someone or something had pushed it open. Creepy! So creepy, in fact, that they eventually got rid of it.

I thought it would be fun to imagine what would happen if a fun-loving grandpa bought a cuckoo clock and then waited to see his granddaughter’s reaction when she discovered what was hiding behind its teeny, tiny door.