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Tiger’s Eye

Zarif the tiger and the cat-loving lady are reunited in another ROARsome rhyming picture book!

She has something important to say. He just wants her to go away.
Zarif thinks they’re poles apart – but will he have a change of heart?

With its vibrant illustrations and laugh-out-loud verse, Tiger’s Eye is the sequel to Tiger Tale – and this time, the story is longer and louder!

Fiendishly funny, this full-colour picture book can also be enjoyed by young readers not yet acquainted with my haughty hero: Zarif the Tiger, Prince of Jaipur!

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Tiger’s Eye is the second book in my Zarif the Tiger picture book trilogy. This fun and educational full-colour rhyming picture book is available in paperback from outlets including:

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Watch me read Tiger’s Eye:

Why I wrote Tiger’s Eye

I wanted to bring Zarif and the cat-loving lady back together again because I knew she had something important to say to him.

Talking brings us all closer together so, if you have something important to say, don’t bottle it up or be put off by what others may say or think. Take a deep breath, say it out load and – if necessary – be sure to ROAR!

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